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+ RA series is a dual-frequency industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine suitable for industrial applications. The core component ultrasonic generator adopts the most advanced T technology platform which has high cleaning efficiency, simple operations, and no need for debugging on-site. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines can be widely used in metal products, auto parts, electronics cleaning, medical instruments, optical glass cleaning, etc.

+ Ultrasonic cleaner is mainly used in industry. Size and power can be customized by your request.



  • One Button Start: press the “Start” button to complete the functions of basket lift-in, basket oscillation, ultrasonic cleaning and basket lift, etc.
  • Oscillation System: the basket with the workpiece will be moved up and down automatically during cleaning, which will avoid dirt accumulating on the surface or holes of the workpiece and improve cleanliness.
  • Dual-Frequency: 2 frequencies can be switched easily as you need. For the different cleaning process, you can choose different frequency, and it is also very suitable for workpiece which needs both coarse and fine cleaning.
  • Automatic Sweep: sweep function can eliminate the standing waves effectively. That’s helpful to improve ultrasonic distribution in the tank and make cleaning more uniform.
  • 2-Times Peak Power: 2 times peak power excitation can act on stubborn stains and semi-aqueous solvents, and ultrasonic performance is improved obviously.
  • Linearly Adjustable Power: ultrasonic power can be adjusted 10-100% linearly, which is more precisely for different cleaning requests.
  • Load Self-Adaption: it will adjust itself to fit different working conditions (Liquid Temperature, Liquid Level, and Workpiece) automatically, and maintain the optimal working frequency and constant power output.
  • High Definition Industrial Level LCD Display: user-friendly LCD display allows users to monitor the working status and set parameters.
  • Efficient Cleaning: adopting peak modulation technology which can break down the bubbles more quickly and remove stubborn stains easily. Under the same conditions, the breakdown speed of foil is significantly improved.
  • Stable Output: self-adaption technology can ensure the machine fits load changes perfectly, such as different liquid levels, liquid temperature changes, and workpiece movement. The ultrasonic performance will keep still.
  • High Conversion Efficiency: the conversion efficiency of ultrasonic and electric energy is more than 90%. The energy conservation is more than others at the same ultrasonic power output.
  • Extended Function: circulation system, oil separator, bubbling tank, rinsing.


The ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning circuit boards, bearing components, optical lenses, motorcycle parts, ion plating parts, electroplating parts, audioprefixes, clock parts, semiconductor wafers, magnetic materials, and polyester.






If you have any questions regarding the ultrasonic cleaning machine, our team is ready to answer all the questions and provide you with essential information on specifications, pricing, and other details.


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6. FAQ

A: How long is the delivery term?

B: The delivery time will follow the agreed period in the contract of the two parties.

A: Payment method?

B: Customers can choose one of the following two payment methods:


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    Address: No. 16 – Phan Trong Tue Str – Thanh Liet Commune – Thanh Tri District – Hanoi City.

    Tel: +84 (243) 2002 371 – Fax: +84 (243) 2009 432 – Hotline: +84 (93)1 109 101

 A: How does the company control product quality?

 B: We have a professional team to inspect each item from production links to packing.

 A: Why should you choose LEANWAY EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY .,JSC to buy products?

 B: LEANWAY EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY .,JSC has been a supplier of this product for many years to manufacturing enterprises, factories, etc. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality and design products, at affordable prices suitable, on-time delivery with the most attentive after-sales service to contribute to increasing the value and competitiveness of your products.



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