1/ Conditions of accepting returns: 

     Customers can exchange a new product of the same type when the product has problems that cannot be solved (due to technical errors of the manufacturer). Defective products can only be exchanged upon technical confirmation and are subject to the following conditions:

     + Traceability of goods purchased at LEANWAY EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY .,JSC (based on the contract or price quote on purchase).

      + Confirmed that the goods have technical defects of the technical staff of LEANWAY.

     + Goods still have the manufacturer’s seal (not torn or glued). Goods still have their original seal (not torn or glued) from the manufacturer.
      + Received goods are not defective in appearance (scratched, broken, yellow).

      + Received goods must still have all accessories and gifts attached.

      + Goods received back must ensure full foam packaging. 

      + Received goods must have all accompanying documents (VAT invoice, warranty card).

    + Goods purchased within three days from the date of delivery by LEANWAY EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY .,JSC.
2/  In case no return is accepted
       + You do not operate in accordance with the instructions, causing damage to the product.
    + You do it yourself to affect the outside situation such as tearing the packaging, peeling, and breaking.
     + The goods have been signed to confirm the quality standard, but then your requested to return the goods because of the wrong form (scratch, gold stain, broken).